Midgard with the boys.

First Session

Mad Kobold Bomber in Cresthill (WK0)

This was using the WK0 Night of the Mad Kobold adventure by Cut to the Chase Games and the Midgard campaign setting by Open Design, LLC.

Some initial notes, the basic premise of the WK# modules is not readily compatible with Midgard, so I doubt I will be using the other modules. In WK0, the good guys are a Gnome trading family, but in Midgard, the Gnomes are all diabolists. Also, Kobolds are not really the savage little underdwellers as assumed in the module series. I really should have spent more time converting the module, but I had promised an adventure & didn’t have time to craft one from scratch. All I really did was replace the gnomes with humans who aped the customs of the nearby Duchy. This was meant as a shakedown since I haven’t DM’d for a while nor am I overly familiar with the Midgard setting.

Players were my three sons, ages 18, 16, and 14. Their characters were:
An Aasimar Paladin of the Order of the Scales, a Tengu Druid, and an Elfmarked Rogue. All were 1st level.

We had established that they had met outside of town and some months ago and had entered the town of Cresthill two weeks prior. I placed the town in the Southwestern corner of Krakova, along the river flowing out of Grisal. This put it on the borders of Dornig, Grisal, Zobek, and Morgau — as well as near the Margreve Forest.

To be honest, I expected this to go horribly wrong as there was a timeline and they were chasing the kobold bomber through town.

In order to determine how well they were in touch with the citizens, I asked each what they had been doing the past two weeks. The Paladin told me he had been helping out the townsfolk and mingling. The Druid had been going to the countryside, and the rogue (mister 14 year old) said he had been picking pockets and robbing stores. I decided to be nice and only make him roll once for each day. First for each day picking pockets. He failed on the 11th day and was arrested. I then had him roll 11 times to see which burglaries were traced to him now that he was in custody. Two were.

The game started with the Paladin and Druid finishing their meal at the Inn, and with the Rogue in jail. When the first bomb went off, the Paladin used his diplomacy to get a temporary release for the Rogue in order to track down the bomber.

To my surprise, they managed to defuse the bombs quickly and, by running, catch the bomber on his fourth bomb. They jumped him and grappled him which prevented him from arming the fourth or making his way to the fifth. Once the kobold was secured, the rogue tried to sneak away, but the paladin caught him and tied him up also. The druid sat down to guard the kobold and had his bear animal companion lay on the rogue to prevent his escape. The paladin went to get the captain of the guard.

The paladin and druid are honored and remembered by the ruling family of Cresthill for their service.

The rogue was shown leniency and allowed to keep his hands. Instead, they gave him 30 lashes and forbid him from entering the town unless under guard by the paladin or his order.


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