Midgard with the boys.

Levoča (Part 1: Day 0-3)

The party arrived in Levoča and learned about the farmer who was killed by his bull. They found the missing child and managed to sustain quite a bit of damage from the bee swarm. They destroyed the hive and returned the body to her parents. They also fought off the wolf pack, killing 4 of them. The Hollow Man arrived and killed his first victim. The second victim fled. On its way to the forest, they attempted to stop the Hollow Man and its Wood Ward attendant. They did minimal damage. The Paladin was reduced to negative Hit Points. The Hollow man continued to the forest’s edge where it disappeared. It returned soon thereafter to parade the head of the villager who had fled. The Shadowsworn tried a charge with a match and was reduced to negative HP. The Hollow Man departed with its trophy.


nexist nexist

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