Midgard with the boys.

Levoča (Part 2: Day 4)

Were the boys do the unthinkable.

After a rigorous round of Healing Spells and Intensive Care, the party managed to be ready by the next day. Kage, the Tengu Cleric, was finishing his deep trance to regain his spells when the Hollow Man returned.

Shikill, the Shadowsworn, and Bayor Skullguard set out to intercept. This time they had some form of strategy. Shikill shot flaming arrows from his bow while they were still 100 feet away. The Hollow man caught on fire, but the wood ward took three hits before finally catching on fire.

They were feeling pretty happy with themselves when it became clear that the Hollow Man was actually a side story. Several animals became feral and attacked the players, forcing them to kill 6 dogs and 4 cats.In the end, both Kage and Shikill were down and bleeding out. Tetsu, Kage’s animal companion, was badly hurt. Only Bayor Skullguard got out in good health.


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