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  • Intersession Notes

    The party signed on as caravan guards on the route South. Sadly, the rogue decided to try to sneak back into Cresthill for some last minute thievery. He was hung by the neck until dead. As the wagons approached Zobeck, they picked up another scout, a …

  • Levoča (Part 3: Completion)

    So, the boys completed the adventure. The followed the trail of dead animals to the Singing Tree, set it on fire, battled its summons. The Shadowsworn kept getting confused by the tree's magic. Bayor got too close to the tree once and suffered a pretty …

  • Home Page

    h2. Midgard with the Boys. Just notes and stuff for a game I am running for my teenaged children using the Pathfinder ruleset and Midgard campaign setting.

  • Midgard Calendar

    12 Months, 30 days each. New Year starts in Spring. *Spring* Springmelt Sowing Thunders *Summer* Goldflower Low Summer High Summer *Autumn* Harvest Tide Redleaf Last Leaf *Winter* Rimetrail Snowfall Deep Winter