Order of the Scales

The Order of the Scales & The Knights Justicars

The headquarters of the Order of the Scales, the Temple of the Righteous, lies in the northern country of Domovogrod, about 100 miles east of the World Tree, nestled between two peaks of the Riphean Mountains. Unlike most such Orders, the Order of the Scales does not venerate a single god. Instead, it and its followers seek to uphold an ideal: universal justice. The Order of the Scales consists of two main groups, the Scaline Clergy, which is the priests and scholars of the Order, and the Knights Justicars who are the Knights and Squires of the order. As such, the Order has two leaders; the Balancer, the head of the Scaline Clergy, and the Justicar-Commander, commander of the Knights Justicars.

Code of Conduct

  • Protect the innocent from harm
  • Seek out the guilty
  • Render the guilty unto the law
  • In the absence of law, deliver Justice unto the guilty
  • Strive for redemption of the guilty whenever possible
  • Be the eyes and ears of Justice; for It cannot see nor hear
  • Tell no lies, for they do no Justice
  • Abstain from Love, for it clouds the eyes of Justice
  • Accept only fair rewards; undue wealth only feeds injustice

Order of the Scales

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